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 Welcome to Salamis island Greece Click here for daily news from all Greece

The citizens of Salamina welcome you to our Island.

Browse through the pages of our site and enjoy the beauty and  the culture we have proudly preserved throughout the centuries.

Salamis Island is the largest island in the Saronic golf and only 1 nautical mile from Piraeus, transport to and from the island is the most consistent in Greece as Ferry boats link Salamis with the mainland every 15 minutes, also smaller cruisers board from Piraeus main port and arrive in Paloukia port Salamis in 40 minutes. Making Paloukia Port the second in consistency in Greece after Piraeus Main Port .

Salamis Island is the birth place of  mythical heroes like Aias or Ajax once the king of Salamis Island ,  Euripides the great poet and play writer. 

Also at Salamis bay the greatest navel battle in  history took place determining the future of Europe at the time, The Great Battle of Salamis .

Today Salamis Island has a thriving economy expanding slowly but steadily towards the future, our fishing boat fleet is the largest in Greece and employs a large number of workers along with our ferry boat fleet that is numbered 30 vessels and most are new generation vessels also employing a large number of the work force .

Heavy industry also exists on our island as we have 5 ship yards for the larger vessels and 3 smaller ones for yachts and cruisers not forgetting our own salaminian shipbuilders that specialize in traditional wooden fishing boats (Trata) as we call them , and are renowned throughout Greece.

The quality of public services is at  high standards on our island and the citizens enjoy the protection and the willingness to serve from the municipal staff . That in short is Salamis Island browse through the links for more information and we thank you for visiting our site, feel free to e-mail us for any questions you have, we would be pleased to answer.

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